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You’ve taken your academics seriously, and are ready to get yourself into the best position for achieving your college dreams. That’s why we’ve partnered with College Solutions to offer you great options for SAT and ACT prep.

No matter your budget or time constraints, Method Learning can help you raise your scores!

Free 20-minute Consult

Start the prep conversation. Call us for a free 20-minute consultation about the best SAT and ACT path for you.

Self-Paced Program

Be one of the thousands of students who raise their scores each year using our comprehensive SAT & ACT programs.

25% off

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Our most personalized option. Let our elite team of tutors accelerate your prep.

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Advantage Courses

Comprehensive overviews of your test of choice. 18 hours of content and strategy, live or recorded.

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Power Classes

Power Classes are 2-hour, no-nonsense online classes that focus specifically on a different section of the test.

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