SAT Live Mini Classes

Can’t make them live? Please check out our recorded versions for just $35 each!

Each live class is only $60 or get an all access pass and attend all four for just $200.

The four live classes offered are:

SAT Math – Students will learn the most important math strategies on the SAT. These strategies will be useful for understanding how to solve a wide range of questions, as well as how to decipher some of the hardest questions for those looking to get top scores.

SAT Reading – Students will learn all the reading passage strategies necessary to do well in the critical reading section of the SAT.

SAT Writing and Language –  Students will learn the most important grammar rules for the multiple choice section of the SAT writing section. We will cover rules such as subject-verb agreement, subject pronoun agreement, and parallel sentence structure. Most importantly, we will cover how they show up on the SAT, which can sometimes be in very tricky ways.

SAT Advanced Math – Students will learn how to handle the hardest SAT math questions that prevent students from breaking into the top scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the course?
Students will login via Adobe Connect to hear and see everything the instructor is writing via a virtual whiteboard. There is no additional cost to use Adobe Connect. You can test to see if Adobe Connect will work on your computer by clicking here.

What are the technical requirements to participate?
Students will be able to complete the course from any computer with an internet connection and speakers. Students can also login via tablet or smartphone with the Adobe Connect app.

Will I be able to interact with the instructor?
Yes. Students will be able to participate and ask questions via microphone or text chat.

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