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Military schools share a mission to help students develop discipline, improve their study skills, and reach their full potential. Did you know that for over 18 years, Method Learning has had a similar mission? We work with over 1,000 schools nationwide to level the standardized testing playing field and help all students to succeed on college admissions tests and achieve their goals.

Are you concerned with helping your students raise their ACT and SAT scores?

Would you like to be able to give them access to a tool that they can use in class, in study hall, on the bus to athletic events, or at home on vacation? Do you think that having the ability to track student progress using such a tool would help teachers, counselors, and administrators to give students the best advice?

Military Schools using Method Learning

Method Learning is used by over 400,000 students every year, and diligent users can expect to see increases of 3-4 ACT points and 100-150 SAT points.
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Just as learning to march or how to wear a uniform takes time, mastering the material on the ACT and SAT doesn’t come naturally but can be achieved through excellent teaching and focused practice.

Students can work around their schedule

The beauty of the self-paced program is that students can build the work around their schedule. For each test, there is a total of 25 hours of preparation that can be spread out over 2 days, 2 months, 6 months, or even a year. The program also includes a Vocabulary Builder, detailed study guides for every section of the test, and the ability to generate a quiz on demand on any topic the student chooses. Also featured are 2 full-length, timed ACTs and 2 full-length, timed SATs for students to use for ultra-realistic practice.

Built with students in mind

Method Learning’s self-paced online program gives students easy-to-use checklists that break the ACT and SAT down into dozens of their component concepts. Each concept features a short lesson followed by a mastery quiz that will expose students to a variety of questions they will face on the test for which they are preparing. Each question has a detailed text and video explanation showing how to arrive at the right answer—Method Learning is the only program available that has this level of feedback for students.

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I couldn't be more thrilled with my experience so far using Method Learning. As a first year College Counselor, Method Learning has helped alleviate a lot of stress off my shoulders this past year! The user-friendly programs make maximizing potential easier for my students and it makes it easier for me to best assist them throughout the year. During our time using Method Learning at Hargrave Military Academy, we have seen our young men improve their scores in some cases by upwards of 300-500 points on the SAT. Throughout the past year, every student that has been enrolled in my SAT/ACT Prep course has seen improvement in their scores, regardless of how many times they took either test. I'm so thankful for Method Learning and for all Ethan's help during the past year and I look forward to continuing to help my students reach their collegiate goals while utilizing Method Learning!

Ben V., Hargrave Military Academy

Our program also includes a comprehensive “Teacher Interface” that lets administrators, advisors, classroom teachers, dorm leaders, and coaches track student progress to the finest detail.

Method Learning is available at any time on any Internet-capable device, with no need to install software. The program will detect whether a user is accessing it on a computer, tablet, or phone, and will optimize the display to fit the device. Method Learning is used by over 400,000 students every year, and diligent users can expect to see increases of 3-4 ACT points and 100-150 SAT points.

Method Learning understands the unique characteristics of military schools; our program is an excellent fit for students (boarding and day) with rigorous schedules full of academic and extra-curricular obligations. We offer school free three-month trials of the software with no strings attached. Please contact us to get started!