Build Toward Success

4 one-hour sessions

$320 $260

4 one-hour sessions with an Academic Coach

Our Academic Coaches are highly trained to deliver a life changing experience for your student. In the first month of Academic Coaching, we follow a standardized process to acclimate students with their new academic operating system. Then, our coaches become extremely agile, catering sessions to student’s specific needs and maximizing session time to drive results.

Week 1 – Objectives of Coaching + Student Introduction

Week 2 – Organizational Systems

Week 3 – Goal Setting and Mindset

Week 4 – Deep Learning Tactics

Our Academic Coaches serve as advisors, mentors, and educational partners to your student, helping to remove performance blockers and improve scores. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Organizational Systems: We develop and implement systems that support productive workflows and efficient time use.
  2. Deep Learning Tactics: We maximize comprehension and retention with note taking and study habits that improve results.
  3. Mindset Transformation: We remove focus and motivation barriers to maximize your students’ full academic potential.

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