Academic Coaching – One Month


Academic Coaching can help students who currently struggle in multiple classes, have trouble managing multiple deadlines and responsibilities, or those who require help learning how to read more closely and to improve their reading comprehension in all subjects.

Benefits of Personalized Academic Coaching

A Coach can help students:

  • Identify and overcome obstacles that are preventing them from learning at full capacity.
  • Improve performance in all classes and test types by providing them with powerful study, test-taking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Manage tasks and projects by establishing goals and laying out the steps needed to reach those goals.
  • Take responsibility for and control over their own learning experiences.
  • Become proactive self-advocates filled with drive and determination to succeed.
  • Read deeper for better comprehension and recollection of complex subject matter.
  • Manage deadlines and avoid procrastination.

Students who receive Academic Coaching services will:

  • Learn how to study and take tests more effectively.
  • Learn how to break assignments into smaller parts and plan when to do work.
  • Create functional systems to stay organized.
  • Develop systems to start and complete writing assignments.
  • Identify and use technology that improves productivity.
  • Prepare for a successful transition to college.

What’s the difference between Academic Coaching and Tutoring?

A Tutor helps students understand a specific subject so they can pass a class and progress in their future study of that subject.

An Academic Coach enhances a student’s ability to learn anything! These are skills students will use in every aspect of their lives—for the rest of their lives!

How do you decide between an Academic Coach and a Tutor?

If a student struggles with one class, one particular area of one class, or one standardized test, they probably need a tutor for that subject or test.

If they struggle with many classes or types of tests, they are probably experiencing broader challenges and will benefit from an Academic Coach’s help.

Note, boosting learning skills via Coaching does not detract from the benefit of working with a subject-specific tutor. Academic Coaching provides students with a significant boost across the board, but Tutoring is still appropriate for specific learning objectives.

Academic Coaching Pricing

Personalized Academic Coaching costs $250 per month, including one 60-minute live session per week.

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