SAT Mastery Classes

About The Course

The SAT Mastery class includes 26 hours of instruction for the SAT. The class will cover all strategies for the critical reading, math and writing portions of the test. This class is ideal for students looking for an comprehensive instruction on all parts of the test and want to practice on as many test questions as possible. Classes are recorded for viewing at any time.

This class also includes:

• Six-month access to Method Learning’s acclaimed web-based course with 2 full-length practice tests
• Access to recordings of our popular SAT mini-series classes
• Five additional practice tests
• One graded essay with comments

Cost: $599

About The Instructors

All of MTP’s instructors are extensively trained with the SAT/ACT and take the tests regularly. Most work hundreds of hours per year with students to prepare for the SAT/ACT. They have graduated top universities and are passionate about teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the course?
Students will login via Adobe Connect to hear and see everything the instructor is writing via a virtual whiteboard. There is no additional cost to use Adobe Connect.
What additional materials are needed?
Questions  for  the class will be assigned from  The Official SAT Study Guide- 2nd edition. This book must be purchased before the start of the class. They are available at and at bookstores.
What are the technical requirements to participate?
Students will be able to complete the course from any computer with an internet connection and speakers. Students can also login via tablet or smartphone with the Adobe Connect app.
Will I be able to interact with the instructor?
Yes. Students will be able to participate and ask questions via microphone or text chat.
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