MTP-Administered School Practice Tests

If two athletes are playing each other, who do you think is more likely to win—the player who has practiced by himself the techniques he has learned? Or the player who has practiced these techniques and used them in a warmup match?

Why do most students fall short of their goals on the ACT and SAT?

Lack of practice. Most students will not sit down and take a full-length practice ACT or SAT on their own. But
we—and they—know it is something they should do.

Benefits of practice tests with Method Learning

  • Stress-Free: Great way for students to experience taking a full-length SAT or ACT without the anxiety of sitting through a real exam.
  • Convenient: Schedule the practice tests for days and times that work for your student body.
  • Affordable: There are two options to choose from that allow you to work within your budget.

$25 (per student) Method Learning does everything: print all tests, ship tests to school, prepay shipment of tests back to Method Learning, score tests, and ship results back to school.

$15 (per student) Method Learning sends copy of test for your school to print; school then ships test back to Method Learning where they are scored, and the results are emailed back to your school.

Detailed Tracking

Practice Test Report

Practice Test Report

You will get a comprehensive test report that shows the questions that your students
got correct and incorrect.

Each student gets web-based access (and printed reports, if requested) to a comprehensive score report like the one below.

Practice Test Breakdown

Order practice tests for your school by calling 877-871-7737 ext. 12 or emailing