Case Studies

Amityville High School in Long Island, New York Improved Scores by 65 Points!

Problem – Amityville High School, in Long Island in New York, in which the large majority of students come from low socio-economic and minority backgrounds, began using our courses five years ago. The year before starting with our online test prep solution, the average SAT math score for the graduating class was 473 and the average reading score was 456.

Solution – Amityville High School provided Method Learning’s SAT and ACT online prep course to every student as part of an initiative to create a college-going culture at the school. Method Learning provided professional development to the guidance, math, and English departments at the school so that teachers were aware of how easily Method Learning’s online test prep courses could be integrated into their classrooms.

Results – After completing the Method Learning coursework, Amityville High School’s graduating class had an average SAT math score of 503 and an average SAT reading score of 491 – an overall SAT score increase of 65 points (based on the old scale of 1600 points).

In addition, students who diligently used the program saw an improvement of 150 points from the PSAT to the SAT. Scores at the school have continued to improve as more students take the SAT and ACT.

Endorsement – Scott Andrews, the principal at Amityville High School, loves the personal attention that his school has received from Method Learning. He is happy with how engaged his students are when they are working on Method Learning. He has used Method Learning for years and will continue to encourage his students to take advantage of the preparation that our online test prep solution offers.

Brentwood High School in New York Sees an SAT Improvement of 116 Points!

Problem – Like many high school students, the students at Brentwood High School, in New York were doing no preparation before taking the SAT or ACT. The school does not have the same “college-going culture” as some of the higher socio-economic, adjacent districts. For many students, English is also a second language.

Educators at Brentwood High School were challenged with trying to change ideas about the SAT and ACT, including showing students that these tests can and should be prepared for. The reality at the school is that, on average, many students are only going to put in 3-5 hours of SAT or ACT prep total.

Solution – Brentwood High School was looking for a program that could make a significant difference even with a limited number of hours of student engagement. With Method Learning’s SAT online course and ACT online course to every student as part of an initiative to create a college-going culture at the school.

Method Learning helped the guidance, math and English departments understand the programs, and gave them instructions on integrating the online prep programs into their classrooms.

Results – Students saw improvement in their scores even if they just spent a minimum amount of time with the online test prep program. Students spending just 1 to 5 hours with Method Learning saw an increase of 97.1 points on average.

When students spent more time with the program, they had even better results. Students spending 5 to 10 hours total saw an average score increase of 116.5 points. One Brentwood High School ESL student used the program on her own at home, and was able to memorize 121 of the most common SAT vocabulary words in just one week!

Endorsement – Wayne Abenes, the Director of Guidance at Brentwood High School, is happy that the school is offering an SAT and ACT test preparation option to every student in the district, regardless of income. He continues to bring the message to his students that they can raise their SAT and ACT scores and achieve higher scores by using our online test prep courses.

Downtown Magnets High School in Los Angeles Brings More Students to Above Average Status

Problem – For any part of the SAT, the national average is around 500. But three years ago, only 25% of the students at Downtown Magnets HS, an inner-city Los Angeles high school, were able to achieve a score of 500 or better on the SAT Critical Reading section.

For the SAT math and writing, the results were even worse; 19% of the students scored 500 or better on the SAT Math section and 18% scored 500 or better on the writing. In addition, 34% of the students scored 300 or below on the SAT Critical Reading and 38% scored 300 or below on the SAT Math section.

Solution – The school decided to utilize Method Learning’s online SAT prep and online ACT prep courses. Each student at Downtown Magnets HS was given his or her own account to use Method Learning (MTP) for the school year.

Results – Within two years, Downtown Magnets High School had the following results:

SAT Math – 34% of students performed at 500 or better (compared to 19% previously).
SAT Critical Reading – 33% of students performed at 500 or better (compared to 25%).
SAT Writing – 34% of students performed at 500 or better (compared to 18%).
In addition to these results, the percentage of students scoring less than 300 on the SAT Reading section decreased from 34% to 25%.

Endorsement – Lynda McGee, the College Counselor at Downtown Magnets, is thrilled with the success of her students and with the success of Method Learning:

“There is no question that Method Learning’s courses help students raise their SAT and ACT scores. The courses are easy for my students to learn and use. Whenever I call or email Method Learning, I hear back from them right away and they are always willing to work with me on a personal level.”

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