ACT & SAT Consulting

If you need to raise ACT, SAT or other standardized test scores at your school but aren’t sure how to do it, we can help. With professional ACT and SAT prep consulting, you’ll get a personalized plan for school success. We’ll look at what you’re currently doing for test preparation and offer suggestions on how you can improve.

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Using PSAT and/or PLAN results, our experts will analyze and evaluate the reports provided by the College Board and/or ACT. Then they’ll construct a customized report that can be used as a road map to a more effective, efficient test prep process for your entire school.

The report will include:

In-depth explanation of strengths and weaknesses in all areas of the tests
Identification of problematic question types
Analysis of specific skill areas that are deficient in the student population
Recommendations and custom action plan geared towards raising test scores
Specific lessons and practice materials to help target deficient skills
After the analysis, we’ll help you create lessons plans that your teachers can put to work right away to boost confidence and improve scores.

Get started with SAT and ACT prep consulting today and find out how your school can improve.