Teacher-Led SAT and ACT Test Prep Classes

Method Learning Classes Prepare Students For The SAT or ACT

At your school’s site or online with a remote teacher, your students can get personalized test prep training. Designed to support individual learning styles, and taught by top teachers, our SAT and ACT prep classes improve overall study skills and achievement.

Online and in-person classes give students the opportunity to get support from qualified test prep experts. Geared toward seniors looking to brush up on their skills, or juniors who are preparing to take the tests for the first time, our classes give both groups the preparation that they need to get better scores.

Teacher-Led SAT and ACT Classes Are:

  • Comprehensive – Online and in-person classes both cover subject matter on either the SAT or ACT, including general test prep tips and essay strategies.
  • Led by test prep experts – All of Method Learning’s teachers are extensively trained with the SAT and ACT study methods. They even take the tests regularly themselves!
  • Accessible – No matter where they are in the country, students can attend an online prep class, study from their own home and get personalized help from our top teachers.
    Individual students can join one of our online classes, or school districts can arrange a live class session at their location (subject to availability).

Method Learning’s ACT and SAT classes cover the critical reading, math, writing and science concepts that students need to improve scores. Our classes cover 24 hours of test prep, broken down into two 1.5 hour sessions per week. With our trained teachers offering personalized support, your students will see an increase in their test taking confidence and the higher scores to go along with it.

Whether you need a school wide test prep class or want to get online support with a trained teacher, Method Learning has solutions you’re looking for.

SAT & ACT Program