No matter how they engage our expertise - from our self-paced prep to private tutoring, from courses at our Long Island centers to our online classes - students, parents, and educators agree: Method Learning helps students raise their SAT & ACT scores, bolster their confidence, and improve their prospects for college admissions. Read below to see our feedback!

Educators See Results

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    Every student that has been enrolled in my SAT/ACT Prep course has seen improvement in their scores

    “I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience so far using Method Test Prep. As a first year College Counselor, Method Test Prep has helped alleviate a lot of stress off my shoulders this past year! The user-friendly programs make maximizing potential easier for my students and it makes it easier for me to best assist them throughout the year. During our time using Method Test Prep at Hargrave Military Academy, we have seen our young men improve their scores in some cases by upwards of 300-500 points on the SAT. Throughout the past year, every student that has been enrolled in my SAT/ACT Prep course has seen improvement in their scores, regardless of how many times they took either test. I’m so thankful for Method Test Prep and for all Ethan’s help during the past year and I look forward to continuing to help my students reach their collegiate goals while utilizing Method Test Prep!”

    - Ben V., Hargrave Military Academy

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    Students who have completed the program have seen significant gains in their scores

    "We have been delighted with Method Test Prep. Students are accessing the program at a much higher rate than they were in-person tutoring we used in the past (which proved to be too difficult to schedule for boarding students and also cost prohibitive for some families). Our kids love Method Test Prep because it fits into their lives and is designed to be completed in small dose increments. Students who have completed the program have seen significant gains in their scores, and we couldn't be happier with the product. Moreover, the team at Method Test Prep has been phenomenal in terms of their customer service. It goes without saying that I'm a big fan and highly recommend this program!" -Britt Freitag

    - Britt Freitag, Asst. Dean of College Counseling at Blair Academy

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    I Feel Grateful to Know Tom

    "It is my pleasure to share my experience with Mr. Tom Ehlers and his SAT Prep program.  As a high school guidance counselor for the past nineteen school years; I can attest to the fact that the SAT exam is a source of extraordinary stress and concern in the lives of the students and families with whom I am privileged to work. Historically, students and families have felt compelled to invest thousands of dollars in test preparation and elite tutor's names, numbers, and methods were coveted as treasures and shared in secret.  For thousands of young people this reality was the root cause of inspiring an uneven playing field; tipping a distinct advantage to the wealth and well informed.  Tom Ehlers changed that! A Princeton University graduate, Tom has exerted his considerable time, talent and energy, devising ways to give every student the benefit of his knowledge and expertise.  Our school and community have benefitted immeasurably from his Method Test program over the years.  By affording our students access to his test-taking strategies, his program, and tips our school has enjoyed uncommon success as our young people apply to college and take the SAT exam. I feel grateful and fortunate to know Tom.  He is a consummate professional and the quality of his services has never been less than extraordinary."

    - Tim D., Sayville HS, NY

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    Vital For Our Players

    "Method Test Prep has been vital for our lacrosse players and is now being used by other students attending Charlotte Secondary School. Though it operates with a significant lack of resources and educates many students living below the poverty line, when it comes to ACT prep, Charlotte Secondary has been able to use Method Test Prep to give its students the power to level the playing field."

    - Coach Selkin, Charlotte Secondary School

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    Pleased With the Attentiveness

    "I work with Ethan Lewis and have been very pleased with his attentiveness to all matters while trying to acquire MTP for our school. He recently addressed a technological issue one of our students experienced--and did it so quickly. He is a great rep."

    - Sarah M., TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas

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    We Truly Value the Partnership

    "We still count on MTP for our whole school ACT improvement initiative and truly value the partnership."

    - Cindy B., Hoover HS, Alabama

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    Our Self-Paced Program in Schools

    “My feedback is simple--excellent stuff. More and more of our kids are using it and they report good things.”

    - Bruce B., Holderness School


Experience Tutoring For Yourself

Doing well on the SAT and ACT is a matter of matching your individual strengths to the concepts on the exams. Developing strategies that favor your personal learning style will make all the difference on test day. Our tutors help you do just that.

SAT/ACT Tutoring and Course Feedback

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    Thrilled With the Ability to Help Them Understand

    "We have been using tutors from your group for the last two years for both of my sons, and have been thrilled with the professionalism and their ability to help them understand."

    - Ronald R., Long Island

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    A Very Useful Resource

    "I want to share the excellent experience I had working with the folks at Method Test Prep.  They designed an online SAT preparation program that was available to all students at my son’s high school.  My son started using the online program as a sophomore, doing practice questions and studying their list of frequently appearing SAT vocabulary words.  As a junior, he used the online program to do challenging math problems to boost his math score. The online program is a very useful resource, but what prompts me to write these comments is the extraordinary level of personal support and advice my son and I received from Evan Wessler, a Vice President at the company.  Evan is a PSAT and SAT guru, very smart, dedicated and passionate.  From the outset, he was very generous with his time, and always gave advice based solely on what he perceived was best for my son, who is a good student and who had shown good test-taking aptitude… That makes Method Test Prep an extraordinary resource for any high school to have.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to any school or student for purposes of PSAT or SAT preparation or tutoring."

    - George V., Long Island

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    An Important Piece of the Big Admissions Puzzle

    "We truly appreciate the great tools your staff provided for Alec. They gave him an important piece to complete the big admissions puzzle. Our sincere thanks to every one of you."

    - Icela F., Long Island

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    I Will Be Happy to Refer Method Test Prep

    "My son, Aidan, did very well on the ACT. Aidan was very happy with the crash course and he said he felt calmer going into the test the next morning. He said that Andrew was a great instructor and was really engaging. I will be happy to refer Method Test Prep to other parents, and you will also be seeing my other son in a few years! Thanks for everything!"

    - Ann Marie, Long Island

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    I Don't Think You Realized How Much You Helped Us Last Year

    "I wanted to take a moment and thank you and Method Test Prep for some amazing resources for my daughter to study by. She has graduated from High School (Union Catholic – Scotch Plains, NJ ) and is attending the University of Scranton. I don't think you realized how much you helped us last year. I say awesome things about you all. All the time."

    - Lee-Ann C., New Jersey

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    My Superscore is a 35

    "Got a 34 on the December test. 35 on English, 34 on math, 32 on reading, and 33 on science. My superscore is a 35. Thanks a lot for everything...I am officially done with the test. Thanks again!"

    - Andrew

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    You Guys Are Phenomenal

    "You guys are phenomenal. Alexa went up significantly on both tests and it was definitely due to you guys."

    - Dennie R., Long Island

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    My Daughter Improved Her ACT Scores

    "I wanted to let you know that my daughter improved her ACT scores this time and got a composite score of 34. Her Science score was 36 and she used to consider that her weak area. She couldn’t have done this without the help of all the teachers who worked with her at Method Test Prep. Thank you!!"

    - Nandini S., Long Island

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    Thanks Again for Everything, Dan

    "Thanks again for everything, Dan. It has been a pleasure dealing with you this past year. I have highly recommended MTP to many of my friends. Adrien is also incredible. I just emailed her as well."

    - Renee, Long Island

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How Method Learning Can Help Your School

Method Learning’s self-paced SAT & ACT prep program is a comprehensive test prep solution for nearly 1000 schools across the US and abroad. With thousands of questions, hundreds of video explanations, and a highly organized structure created specifically with students in mind, our program helps thousands of students each year achieve significant SAT and ACT score increases. See how your school can give its students the power of Method Learning.

Students Speak

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    Private tutoring achievement

    "After seeing all of my scores from the second test and how much they improved from December to February, I wanted to thank you for all of your help. The weekly sessions since August have helped me so much and you have taught me a lot not only about studying for the ACT but also for my classes in school. I definitely would not have been able to reach my full potential without your help!"

    - Lauren S., Long Island

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    Success with our Self-Paced Program

    “I really liked MTP because it was a simple way to practice for the SAT/ACT. It broke all of the aspects of the tests into little bite sized pieces that made it easier for one to master. I especially found the website valuable for improving my vocabulary, and practicing for the math and science sections of the ACT. With MTP I was able to see which specific aspects of math I was getting wrong which allowed me to only focus on those, thus saving me a lot of time. All in all I think it helped me a lot!”

    - Alison B., Virgin Islands