I Feel Grateful to Know Tom

"It is my pleasure to share my experience with Mr. Tom Ehlers and his SAT Prep program.  As a high school guidance counselor for the past nineteen school years; I can attest to the fact that the SAT exam is a source of extraordinary stress and concern in the lives of the students and families with whom I am privileged to work. Historically, students and families have felt compelled to invest thousands of dollars in test preparation and elite tutor's names, numbers, and methods were coveted as treasures and shared in secret.  For thousands of young people this reality was the root cause of inspiring an uneven playing field; tipping a distinct advantage to the wealth and well informed.  Tom Ehlers changed that! A Princeton University graduate, Tom has exerted his considerable time, talent and energy, devising ways to give every student the benefit of his knowledge and expertise.  Our school and community have benefitted immeasurably from his Method Test program over the years.  By affording our students access to his test-taking strategies, his program, and tips our school has enjoyed uncommon success as our young people apply to college and take the SAT exam. I feel grateful and fortunate to know Tom.  He is a consummate professional and the quality of his services has never been less than extraordinary."

- Tim D., Sayville HS, NY