A Very Useful Resource

"I want to share the excellent experience I had working with the folks at Method Test Prep.  They designed an online SAT preparation program that was available to all students at my son’s high school.  My son started using the online program as a sophomore, doing practice questions and studying their list of frequently appearing SAT vocabulary words.  As a junior, he used the online program to do challenging math problems to boost his math score. The online program is a very useful resource, but what prompts me to write these comments is the extraordinary level of personal support and advice my son and I received from Evan Wessler, a Vice President at the company.  Evan is a PSAT and SAT guru, very smart, dedicated and passionate.  From the outset, he was very generous with his time, and always gave advice based solely on what he perceived was best for my son, who is a good student and who had shown good test-taking aptitude… That makes Method Test Prep an extraordinary resource for any high school to have.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to any school or student for purposes of PSAT or SAT preparation or tutoring."

- George V., Long Island