Nickki Figurski

An avid fan of language, Nickki received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Allegheny College. Never quite able to settle upon only one subject, she also excelled in Math and History, and was the recipient of the Albert and Bessie Seidel Scholarship for Academic Achievement. Facing and overcoming challenges (intellectual and otherwise) is one of her strongest personality traits. Nickki finds deep joy in educating, and has been teaching and tutoring many different subjects for several years. Able to adjust to students’ individual needs, Nickki offers help to any and all levels of learning styles and understanding.  

Whenever she ever gets a spare moment, Nickki loves: drawing, playing her drums, singing, writing, and performing other creative feats. Her talents are only surpassed by her love of learning as she wishes to impart wisdom upon as many young minds as possible!