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NSHSS Parents Night Webinar: All about the ACT & SAT

Sign up now for an informative NSHSS Parents Night Webinar for everything your child forgot to tell you about the ACT and SAT. Parents who sign up and attend the webinar will also receive a complimentary download of our ebook, A Parent’s Guide to the ACT, PSAT & SAT.

Method Learning’s Ethan Lewis will be sharing important information with NSHSS Parents about:

The ACT and SAT

    1. What these exams cover
    2. How they are different from each other

How Method Learning can help

    1. Self-paced online program
    2.  Classes
    3.  Tutoring
    4. Special NSHSS Method Learning discounts –

Join NSHSS and Method Learning for this informative webinar!

Ethan Lewis

About your presenter

Ethan Lewis joined Method Test Prep as an Account Executive in 2015. After 19 years of working at independent boarding schools in New England and Pennsylvania. Ethan has done a little of everything in his career, having been an administrator, a history teacher, an advisor, a varsity coach, and a dormitory parent. Most significantly, Ethan spent 10 years as an academic technology guru and 8 years as a college counselor.

Ethan attended Hampshire College (where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Theory) and Purdue University (where he earned a Master’s degree in American Studies). Ethan writes for multiple blogs, and his writing about the college admissions process has been well-received by professionals all over the globe.