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NSHSS Webinar: Understanding Your PSAT Results

You’ve got your PSAT results—now what? Your score report offers lots of revealing data, but you’ll need to know how to interpret this information so that you can use it to improve your scores.

In this live webinar, we’ll:

  • examine the details of your PSAT score report from top to bottom.
  • review how to interpret the numbers you see.
  • discuss the ways you can apply the information to your SAT prep and ways Method Learning can help you.

We’ll also open the floor to questions about the PSAT, SAT, and raising your scores. Join Method Learning and NSHSS for this informative webinar for members and parents.

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Since joining Method Test Prep in 2005, Frank has helped hundreds of schools raise their students’ ACT and SAT scores. He has worked with private, public, charter, international, and online schools to provide affordable, high quality, and easy to use ACT and SAT prep. Frank understands the challenges that educators face, from time constraints to budget concerns, and works diligently to meet their needs. When not helping schools with test prep, Frank enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, boating, and fishing. In 1998 Frank graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree.