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Using your PSAT results to create a SAT/ACT study plan

Once you get your PSAT results back, you can use them to help create an effective study plan. Join us on this webinar to understand what the results mean and an intelligent timeline for Junior year. We’ll also cover a few test strategies to improve your score.


Elliot Bock

Elliot graduated from Brown University with a degree in Mathematical Economics. This means he has forgotten more about math than most will ever know. After a brief stint as an insurance analyst, he joined Method Test Prep, where his confident and patient educational style would shine.

As Method Test Prep’s Director of Online Learning, Elliot has helped thousands of students from around the world conquer the SAT and ACT. His desire to improve and innovate has driven the growth of Method Test Prep’s online learning division, which provides students access to the best instructors regardless of location.