ACT On Demand

ACT On-Demand classes are perfect solutions for students who need prep NOW. These are recorded versions of our Power Classes.

ACT Bundle


Get access to all four, English, Math, Reading, and Science, ACT on demand classes. Each class is a recording of a two-hour subject specific Power Class. These classes are specifically designed to help students maximize their ACT scores You’ll learn innovative approaches, strategies, and techniques, and will get tips on how to be a more effective test taker.

ACT English


This 2-hour class will focus on the most important and commonly tested concepts on the ACT English section. You will learn key content, strategy for addressing questions and avoiding traps, and tips for moving through the English section efficiently.

The perfect high-level review for last-minute ACT English preparation!

ACT Math


You will learn how to “hack” the problems in easy and efficient ways, and see new content recently introduced by the ACT. There will be an emphasis on identifying the types of “challenging” questions designed to throw students off, strategies for making tough problems easier, and methods to help students solve problems efficiently.

ACT Science


This 2-hour review of the ACT Science section will give students the approaches they need to move through the Science section quickly and without getting overwhelmed. We’ll address the most common question types and discuss how to find answers efficiently. An essential look at the Science section for any student taking the test!

ACT Reading


This 2-hour review of the ACT Reading section will give students the mental tools and strategies they need to read more efficiently and avoid the answer choice traps set by the ACT. We’ll emphasize techniques for cutting out the fluff and getting to the point. We’ll also break down common question types and address the best ways to answer them. An essential look at the Reading section for any student taking the exam!