Next College Student Athlete ( NCSA ) helps student-athletes, and their families, better understand the ins and outs of the college recruiting process. NCSA will get things started with a FREE recruiting profile sharable and visible to every college coach in the country.

Your FREE recruiting profile will be emailed to you. Parents/guardians will be contacted by an NCSA recruiting expert to offer personalized guidance on the process.

How NCSA can help your student-athlete

About NCSA

Next College Student Athlete can trace its roots back to the 1980s and a high school linebacker named Chris Krause who wanted to play college football. For Chris, and like many athletes today, recruiting was a mystery. It was a process athletes and families had to go through, yet no one was there to tell you how to do it—and do it well.

The company Chris founded, NCSA, changed all that in a big way.

Our mission is to help every student-athlete and college program benefit from a successful recruiting process.