Applying and gaining admission to the college or university that will be best for you can be confusing and difficult to manage; Method Learning’s College Advisors are dedicated to helping students and parents successfully navigate the high school to college process.

Our expert advisors will help you identify your strengths, select the right colleges for your goals, and create a standout application. With regular check-ins and personalized attention, you’ll feel confident and prepared every step of the way. Don’t leave your college admissions to chance – get started today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is ideal to engage a college advisor early in high school, preferably during the sophomore or junior year, to ensure ample time for comprehensive college planning.

Our advisors use the Method Learning platforms and resources to collaborate with students to ensure they are informed of test preparation strategies, providing resources, personalized study plans, and insights into the best times to take standardized tests.

We aid in developing a customized college list that considers both academic achievements and personal preferences, ensuring a well-rounded approach aligned with each student’s objectives. Accessing extensive databases, campus visit guides, and personalized recommendations, we provide the necessary resources to facilitate your research and selection of colleges tailored to your preferences.

We guide students through the essay-writing process, help them to brainstorm topics, offer feedback, edit, and provide strategic advice to ensure compelling and authentic application materials.

Absolutely. We have a financial aid expert on staff who can provide insights into financial aid options, scholarship opportunities, and assist in navigating the complexities of the application process.

We are skilled in career exploration, helping students identify interests and strengths to align them with potential majors and career paths.

Regular meetings are crucial to keep them on track so they are not missing out on any opportunities. We schedule sessions at key milestones, ensuring a structured and timely approach to the college application journey.

No. Our advisors support students of all academic levels and work closely with them on their individual goals and aspirations. Our role is to maximize each student’s potential and help them find the right college fit.

Private advisors are experts in the field, have more time to spend with each student, offer more personalized attention, focused resources, and in-depth guidance, ensuring a customized approach tailored to the student’s unique need

Absolutely. The support and expertise provided by a college advisor can lead to better college choices, increased acceptance rates, and potentially valuable financial aid opportunities, making it a wise investment in a student’s futur

That is a great question! It all depends upon the student’s goals and timeline. This is a question we go over in greater detail during one of our consultations with families. We will advise on what package and program would best meet your family’s needs.

Absolutely! We completely understand and can set up installment plans for you at no additional cost so that the cost is divided over several months.

We offer access to comprehensive databases, campus visit guides, and personalized recommendations to help you research and choose colleges that match your preferences.

We provide insights into creating a standout application, including advice on extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and strategies for crafting compelling personal statements

Yes, our advisors provide support for transfer students, helping them navigate the unique challenges and opportunities associated with changing colleges

Certainly. We offer guidance on preparing for college interviews and making the most of campus visits to ensure a positive and impactful experience.

Our advisors work closely with students with special needs, collaborating with colleges to ensure accommodations are met and the transition to college life is seamless.

Yes, we encourage parental involvement. Our advisors offer family sessions to address any concerns and keep parents informed about the college planning process.

Simply schedule a no cost consultation with Dr. Ruzicka or Dr. Sterk and they will take time to review and advise you on where you are in the process and explain the entire timeline to you

Here are some colleges and universities we helped students attend:

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Get started today,
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