College Essay Options

Pay as you go — $150 per hour

5 Hours — $600

Customized Sessions

1. Start with brainstorming. It’s essential that deliberate thought goes into the prompt and topic you choose: by carefully selecting the overall content of your essay, we help ensure that your writing and story stand out from the thousands of mediocre essays admissions officers will read.

2. Establish your narrative. A good story told poorly is no longer compelling. We help you develop your ideas in a way that will demand and hold admissions officers’ attention throughout. We help you develop an introspective voice and demonstrate your personal development so that your essay will convey what you’ll bring to campus.

3. Editing. We work with you to make sure your essays are in your own voice and concisely convey what is important.
We should also establish that this is a collaborative process driven by the student, guided by Method Learning. We’re not writing essays “for” students or inflecting the essays with our own opinions or voice.