High School Support

Give your high school student the support they need to strengthen their academic standing and move on to the next level.

High School Classes

High School Classes

Method learning offers its high school students a wide variety of subject-specific classes to help them achieve higher academic status.

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Math Classes

From pre-algebra to advanced statistics, Method Learning’s math classes help students of any level get up to speed so that they can tackle any test with confidence and ease. Our classes offered include:

Additional Subjects

From English Composition to AP History classes, Method Learning’s team of experts has you covered.

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to our academic courses, Method Learning offers its students multiple courses to help bridge the knowledge gap between classroom curriculum and real-world application.

Financial Literacy

It’s essential for students to understand the importance of managing their finances. Method Learning’s Financial Literacy course will guide your student through the fundamental principles of financial literacy to help them plan for their futures and make smart financial decisions.

Academic Success

Study skills, time management, organization, and self-accountability underle success in school, but many students don’t possess them naturally. Method Learning’s Academic Success course delivers the skills and approaches your student needs to increase academic achievement.