SAT On Demand Classes

SAT On Demand classes are perfect solutions for students who need prep now. These are recorded versions of our Power Classes.

Digital PSAT/SAT Bundle


Access all four Digital PSAT/SAT classes: Reading, Writing, and 2 Math. Each class is a recording of a two-hour, subject-specific Power Class designed to introduce students to the most important question types, strategies, and techniques for maximizing scores on the Digital PSAT and SAT.

SAT Bundle


Get access to all three, Math, Reading, and Writing and Language, SAT on demand classes. Each class is a recording of a two-hour subject specific Power Class. These classes are specifically designed to help students maximize their SAT scores. You’ll learn innovative approaches, strategies, and techniques, and will get tips on how to be a more effective test taker.

SAT Reading


The SAT Reading section poses unique challenges, presenting students with advanced texts, difficult question types, and traps along the way. During this 2-hour strategy-focused class, we will review and practice the approaches you need to successfully navigate the SAT Reading section. The class will include reading and question strategies as well as tips for avoiding “decoy” answers. You’ll be sure to learn valuable strategies that will help you raise your score!

SAT Math


The SAT Math sections present challenging content, heavily emphasizing algebra I and II, coordinate geometry, and word problems. Many students are not used to seeing problems presented in the way they appear on these exams, and can get easily overwhelmed. During these highly focused 2-hour classes, we’ll address some of the most crucial content areas and the approaches most effective for dealing with them. This class will benefit all students, from those just starting to prepare to those taking their final SAT!

SAT Writing & Language


The SAT Writing & Language sections test students on many elements of English grammar and structure. This can be challenging, especially for students whose English classes have not included formal English language instruction. During this 2-hour class, we’ll review the most common question types and how to recognize them. We’ll also cover key rules that can have an immediate and significant impact on your Writing & Language score.