Why Method Test Prep For Schools

Schools hold a critical role in the test prep process for students – and with Method Learning’s help, your school can “Raise the Score” without straining your budget.

Used by nearly 1000 schools, Method Learning offers a unique approach to SAT prep and ACT prep, with proven results. In fact, our method can improve SAT scores by 120 points and ACT scores by 3 points in just 15 minutes a day!

Teachers, education coordinators, and students alike love our approach to SAT test prep and ACT test prep. Here’s why:

Short, Effective Lessons
Our SAT Method and ACT Method online test prep programs break down test prep into 15 minute tasks, making it easy for students to stay focused, to learn the material and to improve their performance. Students get immediate feedback on practice questions, with a complete explanation, which allows them to learn faster. Our system even helps students track their strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects so they knew where to spend their study time.

Stronger Overall Study Skills
When students work through the Method Learning programs, they’re not just learning how to master the standardized tests – they’re building other skills as well. Just minutes a day with our SAT prep online or ACT prep online programs can help with reading, writing, math and critical thinking skills. Use Method Learning in your school and see your students’ performance improve across the board.

Access in the Classroom, or At Home
Our online test prep programs can be used in the classroom, with teachers integrating prep right into their instructions. Using a digital whiteboard or projector, teachers can walk students right through lessons as a group. As a bonus, students can also access lessons at home on their own computers to do some self-paced test prep.

With our online test prep software, students can hear audio explanations of test questions, access strategy guides for each test, track their strengths, get valuable test-taking tips and take practice quizzes to improve their performance.

Oversee Student Achievement
Teachers can access the program and all of its features just like students. They can customize the student experience with unique quizzes, view usage reports for their classrooms and send messages to students through the MTP bulletin system.

With Method Learning, teachers and counselors can keep track of all student activity – from strengths to weaknesses – so they can recommend activities to students and incorporate classroom activities.

Expert Support
We go above and beyond for schools who select Method Learning for their needs. For over 12 years, we’ve provided test prep support in schools, through our unique online test prep programs and live, in person tutoring from expert teachers. We’re committed to excellence, and care about the achievement of our students. Our success is your success, so we’re here to help.

Customized Tutoring Options
Although our ACT Method and SAT Method online test prep programs are the perfect fit for many schools, we also offer on-site group tutoring and live test prep classes. These classes and tutoring sessions are led by top teachers and are designed to support individual learning styles.

Contact us today to learn more about Method Learning’s online test prep solutions, and find out which option is best for your school.