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College Admissions Essays 101May 26, 20228:00pm EDT1 hour
Writing Better College Essays For most college-bound rising seniors, the college application essay is the most important piece of writing they’ll create up to this point in their lives. And yet, just what makes for a great application essay is clouded by misunderstandings, gimmicks, and poor advice. There is a better way to understand the college application essay—let the experts at Method Learning show you how. In this webinar, Donald McCarthy, published author and veteran writing tutor will provide key information on the college essay including:

Choosing your essay topic and avoiding overused topics
Correcting common myths about the purpose of the essays
Laying out a timeline for students to prep their essays
Discussing what colleges and universities are looking for in students’ writing
Method Learning’s College Essay Writing Summer Course

Jun 28, 20228:00pm EDT1 hour

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