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SAT and ACT Success: Everything You Need to Know In this comprehensive webinar, Princeton University graduate and Method Learning Founder Tom Ehlers will present the latest guidance for parents and students on college admissions testing. He will answer all the various frequently asked questions and highlight:

How to plan your test prep timeline
Key differences between the SAT and ACT
Understanding your scores, college test requirements and score submission

Jan 30, 20238:00pm EST1 hour
Creating an Intelligent SAT and ACT Study Plan Get the facts about the SAT, ACT, and PSAT. This webinar will save you hours of trying to gather this information yourself. Learn how to create an effective plan to achieve a high score. We’ll also cover some key test strategies to improve your score.Feb 13, 20238:00pm EST1 hour
Plan Your Prep: Steps to Success on the SAT and ACT What is the most efficient and effective way to prepare for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT? How can you create a plan that will maximize your scores? Harvard graduate and Director of Student Success Oliver Luisi will answer those and the other frequently asked questions to help parents, students, and educators understand standardized testing and how to create the best prep plan.Mar 8, 20238:00pm EST1 hour
Digital PSAT/SAT Math - Everything You Need to Know This webinar is geared towards educators, parents, students and anyone else who would like to learn more about the Digital PSAT/SAT math. What types of questions will be on the exam? Which math concepts will be tested most frequently? What are some strategies students can use to score as high as possible? How can students take advantage of the built-in graphing calculator? The presenter, Kyle Ambrose, has an extensive math background as both a teacher and a curriculum writer.Mar 14, 20238:00pm EDT45 minutes

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